The ultimate cup holder

Available for all models.

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Holds larger drinks easily:
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Folds up and out of the way.2_800.JPG (150265 bytes)

Simple installation with included hardware.
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Smallest position holds aluminum cans4_800.JPG (151629 bytes)

Largest position holds most oversize cups.5_800.JPG (140699 bytes)

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A proper cup holder that holds any size drink and folds out of the way!

We love our BMWs except for one thing; those Germans simply cannot grasp the concept of a decent cup holder.  Older models have no cup holders at all, some models break easily, and some models only accept an aluminum can... and besides, you've got your sunglasses and iPod sitting there anyway.

We really like this cup holder for a long list of reasons:

1) It folds out of the way completely when not in use.

2)  It is adjustable and holds almost any drink size... from an aluminum can up to a 7-Eleven Super Big Gulp.

3) Secure gripping arms keep drinks from spilling even with spirited driving.

4)  Installation is easy and non-damaging to the interior... simply use the self-tapping screws to attach to the carpet (as shown).  If you wish to remove the cup holder, no visible marks remain.

5)  Durable construction, does not break easily.

6)  Basic textured black surface is an excellent match for BMW dashboard material.

7) Made in USA - not imported.

8)  It's really affordable!

9) Now available in BLACK or GRAY

Price: $9



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