Designed for the most demanding driver in racing or street use.

Alcon components are used in the highest echelons of racing:
Formula 1, WRC (World Rally Championship),
IRL, NASCAR, Australia's V8 Supercars, BMW CR, NASA, and SCCA.

Alcon is a name synonymous with the manufacture and supply of high specification brakes and clutches for motorsport and high performance road vehicles.

In the world of motorsport, Alcon a Technical Partner to the Honda F1 Racing Team, supplying brake calipers of a patented design; while co-operating with a number of other teams to develop the next generation of F1 braking systems. Alcon also provided all the brake hardware to support Citroën’s dominance of the World Rally Championship [WRC] in recent years.

In the US, the 2003, 2004, and 2005 IRL titles have all been won using Alcon brakes, and Alcon product is specified as mandatory for the hard-braking road course races. In the world of NASCAR, Alcon counts Penske, Hendrick Motorsport and Ray Evernham Motorsport amongst their front-running customers; while a new partnership with friction manufacturer, Raybestos in 2006, is making the use of Alcon designed and manufactured brake components still more widespread in the top stock car series.

In addition the motorsport departments within Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda (Dome), Peugeot, Renault and Volkswagen count amongst their  many customers.
In the field of specialist and performance road cars Alcon serves an impressive list of prestigious road car manufacturers, including Aston Martin, Brabus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche and Prodrive. In this field too, their reputation for technology and innovation is highly visible, no more so than the calipers for the 2006 Bentley Continental GT Diamond Series, vast but lightweight 8-piston calipers designed specifically to clamp the world’s largest road car brake discs, ceramic items of 420mm diameter.

Ultra-high performance resides in the level of quality... quality in engineering, materials and kit fitment. Alcon designs and manufactures every caliper in-house and the resulting component is superior to virtually any similar offering. Alcon calipers are incredibly stiff due to their efficient design utilizing an integral, cast-in bridge (6-piston) or cast-in reinforcement buttresses (4-piston).

Their progressive design philosophy continues with the pistons and seals. The ultra-resilient internal pressure seals minimize piston retraction so that pedal travel is short, consistent and they are resistant to knock-back. Since they are internal to the caliper, they are shielded from the high heat that prematurely shortens the life of competitors' caliper seals.

The design of these kits allows for scalable rotor use.  Primarily, UUC specs the kits to use genuine BMW Motorsport rotors as provided with the European version of the M3 or the M3 CSL which feature a true radial floating mechanism for free thermal expansion of the disk unhindered by the center hat.  The system is scalable in that oversized and thicker rotors will be available for future use.

Note that caliper type and rotor size vary by application.   Please review the general technical details in the links at the top of this page, as well as the model-specific variations shown in the "fitments" link. The UUC/Alcon kits fall into three general categories:

  • 4-piston front, 325mm rotor / 4-piston rear, 328mm rotor kits: available for 1992-2005 3-series, 1994-1999 M3 and MZ3. Designed specifically for racing classes that limit upgraded calipers to no more than 4 pistons. Supplied with BMW Motorsport floating rotors, or optional Performance Friction Pin-Drive floating rotors.

  • 6-piston front, 345 rotor / 4-piston rear, 328mm rotor kits: available for 1992-2005 3-series, 1994-2006 M3, MZ3, MZ4. Designed specifically for modified cars with significantly higher power levels requiring greater brake thermal capacity. Supplied with BMW Motorsport floating rotors, or optional Performance Friction Pin-Drive floating rotors.

  • Mega 4-piston front, 380mm rotor / 4-piston rear, 380mm rotor kits: available for 2006+ M5, E92 M3, E90/E92 3-series. Designed for the latest generation of BMW performance cars that need the highest level of braking performance sufficient for their increased power and weight. Supplied with UUC floating rotors.


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